Creating a new Plan

Select File - New Plan... (N) to create a new plan. Details...

If you did not change the configuration, a dialog window opens to ask if you watn to select the track system modules and define a table. Select both options (Both options are selected by default at the first start) and confirm with Create the Plan...

Dialog - Plan Assistent
If the Dialog "Create a new Plan" does not appear: Don't worry, you can still follow the next steps. You can also re-enable the dialog in "Extras - Options" for the next start.

Selecting Track Systems (Modules)

If selected in the dialog window "Create a new Plan", the module selection dialog "Select Modules..." opens. Otherwise you can press M to open it.

Dialog - Plan Assistent

Select the desired track systems. It is possible to filter by manufacturer or track size/gauge. Hint: If you regularly use the same track systems, you can define them as preferred in "Extras - Options". Preferred modules are shown in their own tab in the module selection dialog window.

Define available Space

If selected in the dialog window "Create a new Plan", the dialog window "Define Available Space". Otherwise you can open the dialog window via the menu "Insert - Table - Assistant...".

Dialog - Define Available Space"

Define the bounding rectangle for your track layout (you can always change this using the drawing tools). Confirm with OK.

This inserts the first visible element of the plan.

Placing track elements

At this point, your plan window should look about like this (Depending on the defined available space and the selected modules).

Screenshot - Plan with table

Raily offers several ways of adding track elements:

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