Raily 2 Data Disk

Product name: Raily 2.0 Data Disk
Date: 1998
Languages: German, English, French
Program: Thomas M. Frey, Setup by Bernhard Egger
Modules: Daniel Wasserfallen
Translations: French: Pascal Bovey
Text: Jann Frey
Distribution: NBG Handels und Verlags GmbH und Co. KG

  • Postal addresses, fax and phone numbers mentioned in this product are no longer valid.
  • The product is no longer supported in any way.
  • For questions about packing, bundling and mirroring this product please contact support@enigon.com.
  • Download does not include the Essay and Pictures contained on the CD.
  • Start runsetup.bat instead of setup.exe. Setup.exe only works if started from CD.
  • It is not recommended to run the Raily programm update
  • The current version of Raily for Windows can be found here.

Download: r2datadisk.zip (Size: 4.7MB)