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Before the purchase

  1. Does this also work with.../Is this track system included?
    Click on the icon to see all integrated modules.
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  2. Can different track systems be used simultaneously?
    Yes, of course
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  3. Is there a detailed manual?
    Yes, as PDF-file on the CD-ROM.
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  4. Is there an active and well informed support?
    Yes, of course
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  5. Is the demo version only available in german?
    the raily demo also works in English. Unfortunately the demo version has no installation routine that could initially query for the language. (The full version has).
    To change the language, first start raily.exe and klick away all the dialog windows by clicking:
    1. "Abbrechen"
    2. "Schliessen"
    3. "Später registrieren"

    assuming that you have started raily.exe for the first time. If you have started raily.exe before, some of the three dialogues will not appear, depending on what you clicked the first time.
    Assuming all dialogues are closed:
    1. Open the menu item "Extras" and select "Einstellungen".
    2. In the dialogue "Programm Einstellungen" click on the "Allgemein" tab.
    3. Select correct language.

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After the purchase